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What's new in AKTS-Thermokinetics

Version 5

Note: Only users with a maintenance period after June 28th, 2018 can upgrade to AKTS-Thermokinetics 5.0x series.

New feature

Version 5


  • 1072 - New ribbon and general software design improvement;
  • 1001 - Multiple mass changes on the same signal;
  • 1056 - Multiple delta on the same signal;
  • 1097 - New option to clip series that go beyond their axis.


  • 1002 - The removing vertical displacement tool is performed by interpolation rather than with a flat;
  • 1007 - Using mass change tool, calculating the total mass loss;
  • 1044 - Improvement of logarithmic axis scaling;
  • 1057 - The X-axis can be reversed in temperature to display cooling ramps from left to right;
  • 1059 - Possibility of changing the unit of the axes of TG and TMA derivatives in %;
  • 1061 - One can now change the name of the experiment group after the experiment has been completed;
  • 1082 - Ability to apply a macro directly to all open zones in the treeview;
  • 1083 - Annotation information is now also exported when exporting a zone in Word;
  • 1089 - Cursor tool: new option to insert an annotation with the coordinates at the location of the mouse;
  • 1109 - With f(x) tool, when there are several opened zones it is easier to select the signals to be used for the calculation;
  • 1119 - The software is not longer considered a false positive when analyzed by Kasperky antivirus software;
  • 1122 - With the f(x) tool the cases where the result is not calculable are now handled properly;
  • 1133 - New option to reset the axes after using the "Adjust Axes Vertically" tool;
  • 1140 - With the mass change tool, it is now possible to display the remaining mass in %;
  • 1141 - With the mass change tool, the remaining mass is now exported to Excel.

Main fixes

  • 1008 - Memory problem when exporting a very large number of points;
  • 1014 - Bug when opening a zone with missing .dat files;
  • 1015 - Bug when merging regression signals;
  • 1019 - Some formats were not applied properly to some treatments;
  • 1032 - The initial information displayed when opening the Series window were sometimes incorrect;
  • 1037 - Error when starting the software when the database is in read-only mode;
  • 1052 - When loading a zone with peak separation, erratic lines could appear in some cases;
  • 1067 - Correction of the drawing of baseline's area;
  • 1076 - In Windows 10, when snapping a program to the edge of the screen, Calisto was not available in the thumbnails list to fill the rest of the screen;
  • 1095 - In the series window, the number of points displayed for cut signals was incorrect;
  • 1096 - Bug when importing an ASCII file created in Excel when it is still in use in Excel;
  • 1118 - In the ASCII importation window, it was possible to specify a column number that does not exist, which caused a bug;
  • 1134 - It is no longer possible to directly import an .xls file because it was too slow. It is much faster to save the file as .txt format from Excel before importing it;
  • 1177 - Bezier baseline type removed because obsolete;
  • 1183 - Bug with the position of the limits in some cases when performing several different treatments which are using limits;
  • 1197 - Peak Separation: the value "total peak" was wrong after reopening a file;
  • 1207 - The number of customization options for the baseline area was reduced as some options could result in inconsistent displays;
  • 1218 - Drawing problem of the baseline areas in some cases after reopening a file;
  • 1222 - Starting the software when the database was missing was provoking a bug;
  • 1231 - Exporting a file to Excel which is already opened outside of the software was provoking a bug.



What's new by AKTS-Thermokinetics
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