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What's new in AKTS-SML

Version 6

New feature

  • New ribbon oriented menu allowing better and direct access to all functionalities of the software;
  • Improved Repeated Use function (;
  • New saving method allowing saving much more calculated outputs to avoid memory problems;
  • New options when saving outputs: the possibility of choosing the number of saved time steps. This is part a of the .sml file size improvement resulting in smaller and faster saved files;
  • The output grid containing the results can be exported into Microsoft Excel;
  • The calculations of Ap values have been optimized;
  • The number of time steps can be changed individually in every prediction calculation;
  • Correction of the display of some formulas;
  • Possibility to customize the default name of the “Package” and “Article” elements;
  • The software can be used on high resolution monitors (> 1920 x 1080 pixels);
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.



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Version 5.10 (latest)
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